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Social Rantings Podcast

Nov 15, 2018

On this weeks episode we sit down with Alex Tayara once again. This would be Alex second time on our show and this one is even better than the first time! We talk about everything from relationships to how to communicate over text messages. Alex also has a new album out and she performs one of her original songs on the...

Oct 10, 2018

Derrick and James sit down with DJ Joe Castillo on this weeks podcast.  Joe has been in the game since 1978, getting his start spinning records as a Hobby in San Antonio, Texas. After getting a job offer to move to the DFW metroplex, Joe went on the play as some of the most well known house music clubs around...

Sep 16, 2018

Tiny Couch Productions is based in Denton, Texas, a town rich in music and the arts. We are a popup recording effort that was launched to promote local musicians and songwriters within the community. Armed with a Canon 70D camera, a Sony PCM-D50 two track recorder, an Alesis 8 track mixer, and a sack full of cables,...

Aug 11, 2018

In this podcast we spend a lot of time talking about artists, musicians and music, 90’s clubs, and more. After a few drinks this is what happens. If you like Lady Gaga, you might not want to listen! 

Intro - We discuss the previous Alexandra Tayara podcast

02:00:00 The tragedy of being an artist 

Jul 15, 2018

Is this episode we have an amazing conversation with singer, songwriter Alexandra Tayara.  We talked about everything from A - Z and a big bonus is that she performed one of her original songs on the podcast. Please take a listen and let us know what you think! 


  • 00:00:00  General conversation  about gigs
  • 00:02:49