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Social Rantings Podcast

Nov 15, 2018

On this weeks episode we sit down with Alex Tayara once again. This would be Alex second time on our show and this one is even better than the first time! We talk about everything from relationships to how to communicate over text messages. Alex also has a new album out and she performs one of her original songs on the show. This was a great episode and we appreciate Alex joining us on the show one more time.  

Show Notes: 

  • 00:50 Intro
  • 02:00 Pets
  • 08:55 Sobriety
  • 20:30 Old Relationships
  • 27:00 Upcoming events for Alex
  • 34:50 Communication
  • 41:11  New Relationships
  • 43:30 Sex in Movies
  • 52:00 Would you rather!  *NSFW*
  • 01:03 Blind Faith
  • 01:20 miscommunication with text messages
  • 01:36 Alex New Album
  • 01:40 Alex on Guitar warming up with song
  • 01:43 Alex performs song “Side Chick” from her new album. 
  • 01:47 Alex performs song “Closer” 
  • 01:51 Show wrap up

Alex social links below: