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Social Rantings Podcast

Aug 16, 2020

"I find myself trying to unlearn things that don’t serve any purpose in my life any more…"

In this episode we are joined by Darren Jenkins (DJ).  Darren is a Peer Coach Recovery Counselor and is also in the process of getting his degreen in Substance Abuse and Mental Disorder Counseling.

Darren shares his story of growing up in the South Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, drinking for the first time and what it meant to him as a teenager. We also talk about his theatre career after graduating from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, alcoholism and his journey to sobriety. Lastly we talk about his plans to use his education and life lessons to help others.

What a great conversation! I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from DJ in the future. There are plenty of gems to get from this show. Let us know what you think after listening! 



00:05:08 Booker T Washington Performing Arts High School

00:09:36 Working in Theatre

00:18:54 Marriage and Divorce

00:25:40 Starting AA

00:27:54 Delirium Tremens withdrawals

00:31:27 Dealing with alcoholism in the family and drinking as a teen

00:36:22 Drinking as an alcoholic

00:39:02 Path to helping others

00:42:43 Are alcoholics the same as violent felons?

00:50:28 Navigating the legal system

00:53:44 Whats next? 

00:56:38 12 steps

01:04:54 Triggers

01:08:43 Wrap up