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Social Rantings Podcast

Dec 18, 2019

We have a special guest and friend of the show back for another one for the holidays. Alex Tayara dropped in and as always, we ended up talking about a little of everything. It went so long, we had to break it up into two parts.

This is part 1!  

  • Casual Hookups
  • Dating Goals
  • Selfish Dating
  • The Office
  • Movie - JoJo Rabbitt
  • Romanticizing bad people
  • Dallas vs. Fort Worth Music Scene
  • Dallas traffic
  • Who’s Grace Jones?
  • Record Players
  • Recent quote found by James
  • Good vs. Bad
  • Learning from the part
  • Choosing the right people in your life
  • Letting go of unhealthy relationships
  • More about…. dating your friends ex.


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Podcast Music: Rock Angel by Joakim Karud

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