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Social Rantings Podcast

Aug 11, 2018

In this podcast we spend a lot of time talking about artists, musicians and music, 90’s clubs, and more. After a few drinks this is what happens. If you like Lady Gaga, you might not want to listen! 

Intro - We discuss the previous Alexandra Tayara podcast

02:00:00 The tragedy of being an artist 

13:16:00  Starck Club  

15:55:00 Music, clubs and the 90s

34:30:00 Listening to Albums (remember reading the liner notes, shopping at the record stores, and spending hours in the record stores). 

37:10:00 How to piss off Lady Gaga Fans

45:01:00 Pink is better than Gaga

46:23:00 Miley Cirus Stunts

48:24:00 Bob Saget and other comedians you didn’t know where dirty before seeing them live. 

52:20:00 We remember it was Robin Thicke not Bob Saget

52:30:00 Artist ripping off songs 

54:15:00 Vanilla Ice

57:50:00 Parachute Pants, Skinny Jeans, Juicy Jeans 

01:00 Closing Out!